Blue Springs – Help Needed -Undate

Updated dates on needs at Blue Springs.

1-  Friday, July 14 (after lunch)

  • Help cleaning youth camp

2-  Monday, July 17 – Wednesday, July 19 (anytime); Thursday, July 20 (morning)

  • Help cleaning adult conference side, preparing for FCA Football Camp
  • (Begins at noon on Thursday, July 20)

3-  Saturday, July 22 (after lunch); Monday, July 24 (morning)

  • Help cleaning, preparing for FCA Football Camp (Begins at noon on Monday, July 24)

4-  Wednesday, July 26 (after lunch) – Friday, July 28

  • Help cleaning post FCA; preparing for camps beginning July 31

Of course, as stated in the earlier email, there are things that constantly need attention and much to be done. We are grateful for all that COM has already done at Blue Springs. Again, thank you for any help you all can give us. You are in invaluable asset to Blue Springs. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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