April 8, 2017 Update:

Just to get you up to speed.  We have pulled our building permit with the City of Live Oak.  Bethel Baptist Builders, a Christian group from Alabama will be coming here June 10-16, 2017.  They will bring app 100-125 people to our church to do framing and ruff-in electrical.  They take one project per year during their vacation time and they choose our church for their mission this year.  A lot of the members of Bethel Baptist are members of COM also.
Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know we have been in contact with Mr. Dresser and if there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to let me know.


Feb. 1st,2017 Update


Project Address :  11th Avenue & State Road 136, Live Oak, Fl

COM Project Coordinator(Jay G. Dresser – 706-490-0695). ( )

Church Contact: Keith Daniels Phone: 386-362-8118

Expected work condition;     Construction will start on the first floor in the southwest side with the office complex and proceed along the west side and then the north side tying into the completed east side. The church desires that the downstairs be completed first and then start on the upstairs at the southwest corner and proceed along the west side to the north side the east side and finishing on the south side. They want to complete one room at a time upstairs.  All framing will be with 2″X6″ lumber.
The gym is in the middle of the building and the construction is between the outside walls of the building and the gym.. There are complete plans drawn by a PE for the construction. Walter Lawson will be the general contractor. City of Live Oak will be inspection agency. The church will have a “gopher” on the job to get supplies.

There are several air handlers upstairs on the north and east sides that must be moved to the rafters above before construction can begin on these two sides. This will be done by an outside contractor.

The church desires that COM plan to start the first of July finishing what Bethel has not completed on the first floor before proceeding to the second floor. There are also two stairwells to be completed to the second floor.

Starting Date: July 1st for COM

Number of volunteers needed.

Expected completion date;

Type of Construction:  Talents needed: Tools needed :  dates for foundation; dates for structure; date for electrial. plumbing, roofing, drywall, etc. ( this will help volunteers schedule their time if they are on several projects.

RV sites available : 12 full hooks ups: 30/50 amp, water, sewer.

Meals furnished: one meal a day provided, may choose lunch or supper



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