About Us

The Florida Campers on Mission (FLCOM) is one chapter in the national Campers on Mission organization which is a national fellowship of Christians. Florida has a cooperative relationship with the Florida Baptist Convention. Membership is open to all practicing born again Christians who love camping and want to get involved in mission work and share Jesus while camping. There are no membership dues.

As members of Florida Campers on Mission, you have the opportunity to actively work with other Christian campers nationwide on mission projects in many areas, such as: campground ministries, church starting and strengthening, church construction and repair, teaching Bible studies and Vacation Bible School, disaster relief, prayer ministry, seaport ministries, ministries at fairs, races, resort areas, kids camps, and any area that needs ministry support. Some opportunities are shown on the “PROJECTS” page of this website. These and others can be located with our searchable project and rally map.

Our chapter holds two statewide rallies each year. They are held in April and October. (Beginning 2013, we will have only a spring rally in April of each year.) At these rallies, campers get to meet other campers, share experiences, learn new mission related skills, learn of new mission opportunities and get involved in organizational operations. We also hold regional “mini rallies” to enable campers to meet their wagon master and other members who live in their region.

Florida Campers on Mission is divided into 4 regions.

Each region has a Wagon Master elected to oversee and organize their particular area.

For more information on the Florida Campers on Mission, go to the “STATE OFFICERS” page of this website. We would be delighted to share the tremendous opportunities available to you within the Florida Campers on Mission.

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