Baptist College of Florida; Graceville,FL

Baptist College of Florida


UPDATED 01/13/15
Needs (ongoing): The college has ongoing projects. All projects are supervised by Mr. Huie Wilson, Director of Physical Plant. Accommodations:
Free parking at campus RV park. Cafeteria serves Monday through Friday, three meals a day. Meal tickets may be purchased at the business office or meals may be paid for at the door.
Directions: exit 120 off of I-10, proceed north on Hwy 77 for approximately 13 miles. Turn right on Hwy 2 East (first light) until you reach College Drive (First Methodist Church on right). Turn left on College—proceed for several blocks, BCF is on the right.
Contact:  Chris King at   Phone  800-328-2660.
UPDATED 01/13/15

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