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Eureka Springs Passon Play

Eureka Springs-Arkansas

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File Updated 03/03/13
Mission Project Great Passion Play Eureka Springs Arkansas: October 2012 The Passion Play closed their doors in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Due to declining attendance with the economy it fell into foreclosure. For the first time in 45 years The Christ of the Ozarks lights were turned off and darkness overcome the city. December 28th a group came in as the result of much news traveling fast that The Great Passion Play had closed for good. The Gospel Station Network, has 21 FM Gospel stations in Ok., KS., TX., MS., and TN. They raised $75,000 in less than a week to pay the bank. They are also paying all the back taxes. They are raising the funds to pay off the mortgage of $2.4 million. Gospel Station Network has committed to donating $100,000 of free advertising for the next year to promote the play. Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for 50 rigs/100 people to come (this the # God has put on our hearts)
  2. Pray for those committing to come,traveling mercies,good health
  3. Pray for Staff; Volunteers; Leadership of the Passion Play
  4. Pray for those that are organizing things for the project

With funds not available for repairs of the property in the last years it needs much attention. Renee and I on one of our last nights in Eureka were introduced to Randall Christy, President of the Gospel Station Network, and a pastor in OK. We mentioned what our group COM does and he was very interested. Last week he contacted me for details of what it will take to have our group to come. We could go on and on of all that is happening and going on at The Passion Play, we suggest you go to and read all that has been accomplished for The Passion Play. Just one note of interest: All characters that act in The Passion Play are volunteering their services and not being paid this coming year. WOW NEEDS: March 25-30, 2013 COM has been asked to come to help with many projects. Passion Play is scheduled to reopen May 3 and May 4. So they need all the help they can get.  Domed Bldg. leaks around the rim of roof. Several bldgs. need roof strengthening, stucco that needs repair and painted, power washing and spray painting of bldgs, other bldgs. needing roof repair, clean up of property (tree limbs, brush etc.), some basic electrical. This is a very small list. But we will be going home early to meet and go over all the grounds with a project site manager. So we know the list will grow. We will also need those who would like to be the Wagon Masters to help set up for all that are coming. Sewing Projects:  Curtains for the set and possible dressing areas:  Costumes for the play

Accommodations: If you are interested in coming that week please contact us so we can plan a spot for you. We will be parked on the grounds of The Passion Play. There is electrical and water. Also a dump site some where on premise. PS. The Christ of the Ozarks lights are on again at night For $10, you can honor someone, or in memory of someone, light the Christ for one night. You can do this by going to The Passion Play’s web site if you are interested. Also the Gospel Station Network is bringing in Jason Crabb, March 22, 2013 at 7 pm. Tickets can be purchased on Passion Plays website.

CONTACT: Jerry and Renee McGovern H-479-253-5879, Jerry’s Cell-479-363-7035, Renee’s Cell-479-363-7013.

UPDATED 02/25/13 Follow-up from last week’s info on the Great Passion Play Mission Project at Eureka Springs: Mini Rally Great Passion Play Eureka Springs Arkansas-March 25-March 30, 2013. First of all, Com’ers are calling, Amen. We will be parked on the grounds of The Passion Play. There is electrical and water. Also a dump site some where on premise. We will know exactly where it is when we meet with Mr. Christy next week. We are leaving Florida Tuesday a.m. to head home to Eureka Springs. Bring any tools you may have, including power washers and spray paint equipment. Renee is going to call our 2 nursing homes and a pregnancy crisis center to see if they have needs. Also checking on a sewing room for the ladies to set up their sewing machines. We will be finding out the earliest date of arrival when we have our meeting. More info as we receive it. Please pray for the Lord’s hand on all the details for this project and those who will be coming to share their talents at the Passion Play. Jerry and Renee email: phones-Home-(goes with us everywhere) 479-253-5879 , Jerry-479-363-7035 Renee-479-3637035  Updated 03/04/13

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