Find Project or Rally on Map

1.  -Scroll down to theSEARCH BUTTON at the bottom right of this page and click on “SEARCH”to have map return all sites on the map.  — OR  —

2. -Fill out desired information to limit your search and then click on the seach button.   –OR  —

3.  –TO GET DIRECTIONS: Click on a marker to get more information about the project, rally, or hitching post. When the additional information pops up, you may scroll down to see further information. For specific driving directions, fill out complete search form including street address you will be driving from. When no street address is listed for a project site, get information from contact as directions will be to  the center of the town or zip code. It is always wise to confirm physical address with contact person. Check ONLY 1 category or tag at a time. If you click 2 or more, you will only receive results for locations that fit all categories or tags. For ALL categories, leave all category boxes blank. The purpose of hitching posts is to provide Campers on Mission a free place to stay  while traveling to and from a mission project. Be sure you click the search button at the bottom.

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