Forms for Internet Submission

There are four ways for you to register to join Florida Campers on Mission using our drop down menu:

1.)  From the main menu you may go to the “CONTACT US” section and send some basic info for our leaders to call or email you..

2.)  You may go to this “FORMS” menu and select either the “QUICK CONTACT ENROLLMENT” form which is the same as the CONTACT US info; or

3.)  Under the “FORMS” menu you may select the official “Florida COM Enrollment Long Form” which you may fill out on the Internet and email in to our leaders. This is the form which all members will need to file with our leaders so we may direct you to the projects that you are most interested in working with.

4.)  After you have downloaded and filled in any of the forms, you may use snail mail if you do not choose to E-mail any of the forms.

Find a Project or Rally by Map