Glorieta Conference Center

Glorieta Conference Center

Location:  Glorieta Conference Center, P.O. Box 8, Glorieta, New Mexico, 87535

Needs:  General work as well as some specific needs.  The biggest need in the spring and largest consumer of time will be general campus clean up.  Leaves need to be raked, street gutters need to be cleaned, picnic areas need mowing and sidewalks need sweeping, trees and shrubs need trimming, etc.  Generally we need to do a lot of yard work.  Our prime time to accomplish most of this work will be in May.

In Addition:

Several Apartments will need painting.

Carpet repair will be needed.

Numerous small areas need tape, mud, and texture.

Dumpsters need painting.

Rock work at the main entry to gardens wall.

Stucco and exterior plaster repair.

Rooms will need to be cleaned for staff arrivals.

Several garden areas will need tilling.

Welder needed for dumpster repair.

We will also have several exterior paint projects if the weather permits

    Our Volunteer Window of dates is  April 29 through Sept. 4, 2013  The actual conferencing with guests on campus runs from mid June to mid August.  In addition to the projects, We need volunteers as groups or individuals to serve in the dinning hall, maintaining grounds, and gardens, serve in our grill, as well as various other positions during conferencing.

     For Volunteers coming as individual/couple, not part of a team: we as a minimum stay of one month, and preferably throughout our conferencing period of 9 weeks.   Anyone interested in volunteering can access more information on our web.:

Accommodations:  We have approx. 30 RV sites available.  Rooms can also be provided if needed.  Our Dining Hall is closed until May 26 so meals will only be served between the dates of May 26 though Aug 14, 2013.  Volunteers requiring our housing, and serving on campus outsider our Dinning Hall dates will be provided rooms with kitchen facilities.  Also, our volunteer center, which has a fully supplied kitchen, is available or out volunteers for meals, game nights, etc.

Directions:  Glorieta is a shout, beautiful drive thru breathtaking scenery.  Interstate 25 North winds through the mountains past Santa Fe, with Glorieta’s facilities conveniently located just off Exit 299.  The campus is visible from the exit ramp.  Visit our web page to learn more about us and click on the “Directions”button for driving directions.

CONTACT:  Sherrie Hoogendoorn at    Office phone is 5505-757-4298 or 505-757-4553.  If more information is needed contact John Hoogendoornn at  All necessary forms may be downloaded from the site then submitted by= mail or email.  Volunteers coming to serve as a team are processed differently in our office.  Please may direct contact with John Hoogeendoorn for groups and he will provide additional assistance.

Posted / Last Updated 01/09/13

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