How To Add Project/Ministry Information


To add projects to the list, or to update existing projects, contact Charles Chabliss; Phone 850-209-6271

Welcome to Florida COM Projects menu, a place where you can find a service or ministry activity just for you.  Here you will find 2018 Projects that are Active, On-Going, or in the Planning process.  Active Projects are those that are ready to receive COM Volunteers, and may have already started.  On-Going Projects are characterized as long standing and continuing activities accepting volunteers for jobs that occur seasonally or yearly such as summer camps or colleges. Planning and Future Projects are those in the very early definition stage, and which have a strong anticipating interest in FLCOM participation in the future.  Lastly, we have included activity involving Fairs, Festivals and Events.


            To Add / Edit/ or Update a project

If you know of a of a Christian ministry opportunity or  initiative where Campers On Mission might be effective,  please contact the Project Director at:

Charles Chabliss; Phone 850-209-6271


To update a project you are supervising, go to the main menu under FORMS and select Assistance Request & Project INFO Forms; then select Project Update Forms.  Add information or update to your project with this form.  The information will be forwarded to the State and Regional Project Directors so the web info can be updated.


Finding a Project

To find a Florida COM project, decide on your ministry and skills, then browse through the projects found in Project Menus

2018 Active Projects

2018 On-Going Projects

Fairs, Festivals and Events.

Or:  Go to the bottom right of ther HOME screren and inquire in the “Find a Project or Rally on US Map”.  This section will also have infomation on the projects you may be interested as you go.  This section deals mainly with yearly ongoing projects anywhere in the US.  This can also be reached from the main menu by going to:  “Active Projects” in the main menu, then go down to the second block and click on “Locate Project or Rally on Map.” (See instructions on that page.)

Having found a project to your interest, then contact the COM Supervisor or Coordinator of your identified project to determine if and when is the best time for you to join the project.  If the project does not have a  COM Supervisor or Coordinator you can directly contact the host project person responsible for volunteers coordination. Please do NOT proceed to a project site until you have a firm, scheduled, reserved RV site or lodging.

If you desire to work on a project in another state, go to, then select/click “Related Links”, then select/click “Official State Chapter Websites” and click on the state where you want to go.  You will be connected to that state web page and you can then browse their Projects section for their activity.

For campers who do not have internet connections to this page, please share your information with them and/or suggest they contact the Project Director: Charles Chabliss; Phone 850-209-6271 or their regional wagonmaster.


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