“The Point” @ St. Johns Place; Jax,Fl

The Point at St. Johns Place

4300 Saint Johns Ave

Jacksonville, FL 32210

Date:            18 January 2016

Contact Name –  Jeff Stockdale, Pastor        home: 904-388-7601  cell:   904-769-1438

email:   pastor@thepointjax.com

Contact Address –   The Point at St. Johns Place, 4300 Saint Johns Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32210

Project Name:                          The Point Maintenance and Facilities Upgrade

Project Address:            4300 Saint Johns Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32210

Project Type: Construction

Ministry Recipients:   Church Members

Project Description:               As a developing church they have excellent facilities available for future growth.

Project Description: The Point is located in Jacksonville Florida. It is an inner city church having

excellent facilities available for future growth. Though our facility is dated it is sound and in need of

much TLC. We have 3 buildings that we, assisted by Campers on Mission, have been remolding for

the past 3 years as growth and budget permit. We have experienced tremendous growth in those 3

years particularly in our children’s ministry. Because of this we need to remodel more of our facilities

to accommodate the new growth in our children’s ministry.

 Repair wood exterior, prime and paint.

 Remove 2 walls in 4 rooms to make 2 larger rooms.

 Upgrade/repair plumbing.

 Upgrade electrical, rewire lighting and install new electrical outlets.

 Remodel bath rooms.

 Sheetrock, finish and paint.

 Repair and refinish floors.

 Other projects as budget and labor permits.


 October, 2016 electrical repair and demolition

 November, 2016 demolition

 December, 2016 Rewire electrical

 January 2017, repair prime and paint external

 January through March 2017, remodel 2 rooms and hallway interior

Status: Planning Stage

 RV sites: 3 full hookup (either two 50-Amp or one 50 amp and two 30 Amp) sites at The

Point church. Call ahead

 Working days and hours Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm

 Meals: Lunch Provided

Needs Descriptions:


 Electrician and helpers (2)

 Plumber and helpers (2)

 Framer (1)

 Sheet rock install and finish.(2)

 Painter (2)

Tools needed:

 Plumbing jetter for plumbing clean out

 Plumbing locater

 Mobile scaffolding for exterior repair/paint

FL COM Liaison: Jerry Ruiter, Home 904-215- 8876, cell 904 553-0340 email:


COM Supervisor: John Jones, Indiana COM

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