Pickett Lake Camp Phase 3


Florida COM has decided to start holding our chapter-wide rallies in the same location each year.  As part of the process of making this change, we have acquired a site at the Middle Florida Baptist Assembly, near Mayo, for a large RV park.  We have begun work on that facility and, with God’s help, we plan to have the RV park ready for our state rally this fall.

Eventually, we plan to have up to 150 sites with 30/50 amp electric hookups, water and sewer.  This RV Park will have great potential for use by our members for state and regional gatherings as well as stop-over availability for our members and other COM members around the country who would like to stay for a night or more while in transit.

There has been excellent progress in construction of the RV Park.  The park have been laid out for approximately 70 sites and water lines have been laid for most of those sites.  Electrical work is scheduled to start around the first of September.

Joe Rotunda, coordinator for the project, is confident that there will be at least 70 sites ready for our use at the fall rally.  There have been a number of FLCOM members who have helped with this project.  They include Tom and Betty Gould, Bob Dawson, Chuck Chambliss and son, Bob Parker, Jim Shiver, David Cornish, and several local church members.

PLEASE NOTE:  Free labor, on this or any other site, is always welcome.  However, we realize that some of our members are not able to help physically.  So, instead of coming to the site and helping, we ask that you keep all of us in your prayers.  You can also help by contributing financially to help with the costs of materials for this project.  Anyone who feels led to donate to the FLCOM RV Park can make checks payable to FLCOM and send them to our Treasurer, Kay Dawson.

The camp is located in Lafayette County, 8 miles E of Mayo, 8 miles W of Branford…..US27 to CR 416…CR 416 to CR 405, right on CR405 to Salvation Road…(Baptist Camp is located on Salvation Road).  For more information on the camp, you may want to visit their website which is www.baptistcamp.com

  • Please do not make plans to come until you have confirmed with Joe Rotunda..  (386-688-2380)

This UPDATE 03/25/13

Phase 3 was scheduled after Phase 1 & 2 were completed. 

Pickett Lake Assembly Grounds, Lafayette County, Fl. Future home of Florida Campers On Mission Campground. Phase 1 of this project was completed in May by several of our members. The entire campus was “spruced up” and cleaned. 5 motel rooms were renovated which makes a total of 9 motel rooms ready for occupancy. 11 RV hook-ups are now completed with water/electric. Dorms, sanctuary, dining hall and kitchen area were all cleaned, new blinds on windows, paint touched up. The proposed COM campground area has had several trees cut down, brush cleared, mowed and temporary roads laid out. We have a schematic drawing of the proposed 80 campsites. The county permits have been waived by the county commission.

The phase 3 will be to lay out electric, water and sewer lines, get the power company to add adequate feeds and get some additional trees removed. We are praying for a backhoe and other equipment to be available when we can get back onto the property for any extended period of time. We have access to the kitchen/dining area and can prepare our meals as we work on the property.


Contact: Joe Rotunda (386-688-2380) or Barbara Rotunda (386-208-8555) for more details and to schedule your available work time.

Updated 09/14/13

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