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Tampa Port Ministries

Tampa Port Ministries / Tampa Seafarers Center  1309 Shoreline Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

 Chaplain Steve Finnesy , Office 813-247-5237,  Cell 727-858-3476, Email Steve@ptbsc.com

Website:  www.TampaPortMinistries.com

Seafarer’s Center

Chaplain/Director Tim Huppert  tim@anchorhousemission.com                  www.tampaportministries.com

Anchor House at Port Manatee 

 You can contact Tim Huppert for Anchor House information at tim@anchorhousemission.com or Trish Alligood at palligood@tampabay.rr.com

Chaplain Steve Finnesy   (941) 722-0764         stevefinnesy@gmail.com    www.anchorhousemission.com

Chaplain Trish Alligood                           (727) 858-3476 Cell      anchorhouse@juno.com                    (813) 247-5237

(Updated 01/13/15)
Location: at 1912 Eastport Drive, Tampa FL 33605-6757.
This is an ongoing Ministry to International Seafarers and all others who enter the Port of Tampa. They need volunteers to help operate a hospitality center. They have two full RV hook-ups. Needs are in maintenance, general cleaning, evangelism, store operations, administration, lawn service, driving vans to shopping locations, etc.
Recent information not available.
Contact  Chaplin Steve Finnesy     ( 727- 858-3476) 
Note: Volunteers will need to purchase a badge, good for one year in Florida—Cost $20.00. We can use some help with Electrical problems. They hope and pray that someone will be able to come and help do God’s work. We have had 180 decisions for Christ so far this year. We are busy all year but mostly in the afternoons and evenings Monday through Friday. They Praise God for the chance to share God’s word with others and let them know they have a good safe place to come and visit.
(Updated 01/13/15)

Seafarer’s Center

Chaplain/Director Tim Huppert  tim@anchorhousemission.com                  www.tampaportministries.com

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International Seafarers Ministry                  Safe Harbor House, Palm Beach

1180 S. America Way               Miami, FL 33132                             Chaplains Ken and Darlene Ford        (561) 676-3090          safeharborvi@cs.com   (321) 693-9005 

Chaplain Dan Bailey   miamiportministry@aol.com

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Jacksonville Port Ministries   

(904) 879-2989

Chaplains Calvin and Donna Reid


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Jacksonville Cruise Ministry

Updated 01/14/15

Chaplain Charis Williams    (904) 699-5718     Charisma4u@bellsouth.net           www.jaxbaptist.org

We would like to extend an invitation to anyone who would like to come to Jacksonville and volunteer at our Port Ministry. We have hook-ups and welcome you to come stay a week, a month, or any amount of time you like. I thought you might be a good point of contact to get the word out. If there is anyone else I should contact, please let me know. If you can pass the word, that would be great. We would love to partner with any or all of you! We have had nothing but excellent comments about all the Campers on Mission volunteers. If you have any questions or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

CONTACT:  Chaplain Calvin Reid  Home number is 904-879-2989 and his cell number is 904-616-5554   or

Anna L. Guy;  Home Number: 904-786-9251 Cell Number: 904-868-8737  President, Florida Women’s Missions & Ministries   NAMB MSC Missionary   Chaplain, Jacksonville Port Ministry,  WM&M Director,  Lake Shore Baptist Church

Updated 01/14/15

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Panama City Seafarer’s Ministry


Chaplain Ken Hall    (850) 896-5990    Khall2523@yahoo.com        www.nwcbap.org


Space Coast Seafarer’s Ministry

Chaplain/Director Mark Wodka    (321) 783-0007      (321) 208-3081 Cell     Portministry1@aol.com      www.seafarersministry.org

Cape Canaveral, FL                 Recent information not available.  For  available projects work, volunteers support and directions,  please contact  Mark Wodka at portministry1@aol.com.   Phone  321-783-0007 “

Updated Oct 28, 2015

Location:   8907 N. Atlantic Ave, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920.

Needs (ongoing) We would like to invite Campers on Mission to be on mission at our hospitality center
in Cape Canaveral. We provide transportation from the ships to the center almost every day of the year.
We strive to create a home away from home for the seafarers to rest and recharge. This includes
providing a comfortable place to reconnect with family and friends; free Wi-Fi; a hot meal, and friendly
people to listen and share the love of Christ. We specifically need individuals to serve as greeters; hosts
and hostesses; drivers; evangelists; cooks and kitchen helpers; cleaners; and maintenance workers.
Accommodations: We have space and hook-ups behind the center for volunteers.

Directions: Contact Jean or Mark Wodka for directions.

Contact:    Jean Luke or Mark Wodka Tel. 321-783-0007 or mail portministry1@aol.com       (Updated 01/13/15)

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