River of Life Church, Yearly Church Work Camp, Volusia County,FL

River of Life Church  –  Yearly Church Work Camp

 Volusia County

130 Garfield Road, Enterprise or Deltona Florida, 32725

Updated March 10, 2017

Location:  River of Life Church, Yearly Church Work Camp: 130 Garfield Road, Enterprise or Deltona Florida, 32725, Volusia County

Recent information not available.  For  available projects work, volunteers support and directions:

Contact : Pastor Gene Gregory at  Phone  407-314-1461

Camper On Mission:  We have some retired Campers on Mission folks, Bob and Joyce Cromwell, who now stay on the place year round, and you may contact them as well if you would like.  Their address is the same as the church and their phone number is 618-407-4556.


  1. We have an active 4-H group that meets most of the year; a 1-night-a-week camp called Mission Possible Camp, that meets January through May; and a number of other outreaches throughout the year.

2.  We have an ongoing project called “Christmas in the Country”.  We begin setting up for this in July and set up through Thanksgiving.  We can definitely use construction and decorating help, every year, for this project.  We can then use help running this – think hayrides, mazes, etc. everyTuesday (special ed and Seniors) and Friday and Saturday evening from the night after Thanksgiving until the weekend before Christmas.  We then need help taking all of that down and packing it in January.

3.  We also have 4H animals here, and a garden, sugarcane, and citrus.  If folks are interested in any of those areas, we could use their help there as well.  We use the 4H club as an outreach, and have more projects than help at the moment.  We would also like to establish a hydroponics system and have the space to set one up if anyone has an interest in working there.
We have many projects going on year round, with our primary help needed in the fall and winter periods.  If anyone is interested in helping, I may be reached at rol@cfl.rr.com. CONTACT:  Pastor Gene Gregory River of Life Church of Volusia 407-314-1461

Accomodations:  We have several places where campers can hook up.  We have a couple of 50 amp hook ups, with water and sewer available.  We have other places where campers can hook up with 30 amp service and a camp ground just a mile from here.



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